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How to Become Freelancer with 7 wonder steps

Not easy to do if we decide to stop working from traditional jobs and decided to work as a freelancer. Many people even decided to make it as a side job, not the main job. But not a few who really want to pursue the freelance world as his main job.

Not easy when we want to be a freelancer, especially if we do not know how to begin. Here I try to give you some advice How to Become Freelancer, based on my experince. It may not a complete guide, but i hope it can help for you to start your journey on Freelancer work.

1. Know what your skills
Many people do not really know what skills and talents. As a Freelancer, you should really know what areas to be your field. You can have the skills as a blog writer, SEO Expert, and also a jurnalist. You must choose one of those talents. This is so you can focus and be able to become expert on these skills.

2. Make sure again, what service will you sell (niche service).
For one talent area you select, develop longer a niche service. For example, I focus on the T-Shirt illustration services, and it became my niche service. Although I am ready to accept clients with a wide range of uses in the field of graphic design.

How To Become Freelancer - image take from www.glassdoor.com

3. Create a list of resources that you must have.
Starting to become a freelancer, supposing you start a new business or company. Fixed capital is needed there. But never be feared, the capital is not a constraint, which means if you have the passion and intention.

4. Discipline
Freelancer is not a completely free world. Be careful with your hours, you can just get a client from a different time zone area with you, but you still have to determine when you are working. 8-9 hours to 1-2 hours of rest remains a most ideal working hours. a plus point as a freelancer is you can determine when your working hours will begin. Be careful also with your PC / Laptop. Your computer can be very useful for working, but can also be used to share on Facebook what you would eat at Lunch, or Tweeted how beautiful your cat after you brush it fur. Once again, create a schedule for your daily life.

5. Find clients.
All the preparations will be useless, if you do not have a client. Find your clients. You can just make an offer service, and its portfolio or namecards that you can share with your potential clients via email or in person. You can use Facebook, Tweeter, tumblr, or many other social networking site. Marketing is necessary. You can also use sites that offer freelance jobs like Odesk.com, to find your clients.
The main thing is always to establish communication with your previous clients. Remember you are a freelancer. Use the excess was to provide a more personalized approach to your clients. treat them as a friend but still professional.Selalu ask if they have comments and suggestions for your business? If you do it right, you will have a lot of loyal clients, and the project will come alone without you pursue.

6. Always Update
Every moment has always found ways and new techniques in all things. In the world of graphic design, a few years ago, maybe people will impressed to the Logo with a lot Photoshop Effect, but now, simple is beautifull. Similarly, in the world of SEO. A few years ago, collecting backlinks may increase your website rank in google, but this time it could have actually negatively affect for your website's PR. Freelance is a world full of competition. Allways update your skills and knowledge in order not to lose the competition.

7. Do not be afraid to outsurce
Do not be afraid to share the project with other freelancers. Remember, you do not have the superpower to do everything. Divide the work that can be delegated to others, so you can be more focused to start a new project, or focus on certain details so that the project give the best results. Sharing project also gives you the opportunity to get to know many different people with different skills.

That's what i can share, happy freelance day.